Happy Birthday!

April 21, 2012

I have always been perhaps excessively proud of having been born in the Sunday of April 21, a day which was marked, throughout history by events I would adore to equal in the future by elevating myself to a status worth being recorded & celebrated. But, as the Brit journalist/novelist Alex Atkinson wittily quoted, ” no news is new news” and one should’ve expected my boasting with each and every coincidental connection I’m able to draw! So cheers for me in the first place!

Then let’s commemorate the other very important events worth mentioning least for broadening one’s general culture:

1. exactly 86 years ago my favorite current monarch, HRH charming Queen Elizabeth II, was brought into this petty world at her maternal grandfather’s London house: 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair. Frankly, I can’t imagine life today without hearing perpetually about the official/charitable/ aristocratic tasks of this amazing woman whose terribly fine taste and the amount of precious jewels exhibited just drive me crazy! Long live Ma’am and may you become the longest governing  (surpassing old king Louis XIV) in a few years so I can tell my future grandson how I attended a historical event!

2. a less known thing for non-Latin countries, Titus Livius (or Livy to native English-speakers), responsible for strict records of Roman chronology and social commentaries, sated that Rome had been founded on 21 April, 753 BC, by the famous couple of twins, battling Romulus and Remus. And that’s good because I’m fascinated by their civilization!

3. young and still athletic Henry VIII (the very one highly popularized in the Tudors, whose six wives achieved legendary magnitude) was ascended the throne of England  on the death of his courageous father, the first Tudor, Henry VII. Since then the faith of the English people was greatly changed…

4. and there remains Max Weber, the eccentric intelligence who created sociology as we know and use it today, putting the basis of political economy, social theory and research.

                                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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