Happy one year anniversary!

January 29, 2013

As WordPress announced and nostalgia made me recall, today, exactly one year ago (hours count included),  a faltering netizen whom I sometimes associate with Patricia B. created this online receptacle to expose her history finds, artistic interests and unhindered opinions: Madame de Pique.

Since then, she’s enhanced a number of socializing skills, tested a couple of advertising talents, registered her magnetic powers to attract viewers (that are, to my chagrin, quite average), wrote, bragged, made and lost connections… The things to which every new user can relate to, right?

So cheers for a prosperous other 12 months of contributing with ideas, impressions, comments and eccentric depictions of history past, all illustrated by the  exceedingly pink images my followers’ve gotten used with!


Also, to commemorate, I’m ‘inaugurating’ a novel author blog rather more focused on writing issues, in partnership with an artist friend whose charcoal drawings will pleasurably replace the current visual support and build the harmonious balance I’ve been told I lack here. This, in expectation of my debut self-published book (‘Vicious‘) scheduled for release on, say, April 21st.

Madame de Pique awaits companionship over at Patricia Beykrat!

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