You create the paintings you see: Magritte edition

September 23, 2014

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You are just like the resplendent fire that lies provokingly outside the painting depicted in this ingenuous painting: you influence and drastically change what appears in any work of art. But doesn’t this sound paradoxical, that an outside person, completely unrelated to a painting, could possibly change the already existing, physical content of it?

Ah, but that’s precisely what cunning Rene Magritte tried to tell us through his whole ouvre, that art is not in the least concerned with what a work means by itself alone, but with what that content means to you. Even if we physically look at the same object, we all perceive it through the countless veils of our personal experiences. Hence, fortunately, no two people see the same painting, but rather they paint a meaning in their own minds, inspired by what they are facing.

“So…What do YOU think of this painting?”, he’d…

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