Beheading of Lady Reason / La Décapitation de la Dame-Raison

December 28, 2012


Reason is essentially beautiful and thus can never take (strictly my opinion) another human form than a woman’s.

Reason is individually defined and never in danger to be universally expelled from life, hence the title (‘La Décapitation de la Dame-Raison’) merely adverts to personal loss of logic metaphorically depicted as a Renaissance style beheading.

The majestic charm reason exerts beyond its use rests in the graceful sinuation of the road one must cross in its pursuit. This path is the teacher without whose assistance rarely can one achieve a genuine understanding of one’s mind, the sole way to conquer sound judgement itself. Higher than reason lays its experience.

The above sort of philosophical musings,condensed between Christmas frenzy and New Year’s Eve preparations, justify the nascence of my latest drawing I hope will be leniently received by whatever audience it may attract. The theme is obvious and finds explanation in the previous thoughts while the graphic gathers all my dilettante skill to an outcome you evaluate.

Any criticism?


8 Responses to “Beheading of Lady Reason / La Décapitation de la Dame-Raison”

  1. svensays Says:

    Criticism; this could be an impressing piece of rhetoric, only I am not sure of what you want to say? The “personal loss of logic” makes me curious. I certainly will revisit your blog. Thanks for your visit to mine!

    • I find “personal loss of logic” quite the thing words make of it: an individual’s relinquishment of reason which doesn’t imply a whole society’s voluntarily giving up on it. Thank you for reciprocation, Sven! 🙂

  2. Madame:

    It’s been said that Beauty is Truth; and Truth, Beauty. I agree with that proposition, and add that Truth can only be discovered and revealed through Reason.

    I LOVE your Stuff!!!


  3. contact Says:

    I found this website very usefull and I just wanna say thanks. I hope you keep up the perfect work!

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