A Finished Art Project

December 19, 2012

Remember the slightly eerie art project I’ve embarked upon a few months ago?

That’s the outcome, slightly unclear with the bad quality of the above photo and the pink tint imposed by the blog’s theme. Not exactly the most astonishingly great result we’ve been expecting to produce after a 4 months labor but, giving the time we spent on its bottom half (or rather the lack of it) I’m not as embarrassed as I should be for the blatant faults here visible. After all, I’m contented enough to post it and pack it a gift to my mentor.

Do you believe he’ll least appreciate our strive?


7 Responses to “A Finished Art Project”

  1. Susan Ardelie Says:

    I like the eyeball in the crown detail. Nice Touch. All the project needs now is a name!

    • It actually has a name, only not English: “Negri”, a sort of diminutive form of “black” in my language, rather differently translated as meaning: “the dark one”… 🙂

  2. Congratulations on completing your project, Patricia. Art is as challenging as it is fascinating. But, for us cerebral types, it’s always compelling.

    • thank you, alejandro!
      and, well, perhaps i’ve put the wrong title, or, better, said, used the wrong concept since i rather believe there’s no completing a work of art, only abandoning it… anyway, the process did exert some good fascination.

      • Ah, that’s exactly right! An artist’s work is never done. That’s how I feel about my currenty novel, as I force myself to finish editing it and get ready to self-publish. Perhaps that’s what keeps us artists going; we see life as a continuous circle. No real end.

      • i’m confronting the very same situation here, with the polishing of my new novel and the fear of self-publishing… the promise of continuity is indeed a major push-on

  3. k4t434sis Says:

    Reblogged this on kat5dotpostfix.

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