There comes a Time for Quotations

November 5, 2012

I have never regarded history as being a sterile chronicle of things past and therefore peremptorily obsolete. We’re history too, after all, and how pathetic would be considering oneself a living, breathing fossil with no purpose except making some future successors yawn? Exceedingly, I assure you.

That’s partially why I though of sharing, every gloomy Monday from now on, a quotation which contributed to my feeling the old days thoroughly, vividly animate. It should be amusing and witty or utterly, bitterly ironical and bring a sense of modernity in the historical context from where it was extracted, although you’ll be the ultimate judge of its value.

So I’m expecting comments on this week’s choice:


3 Responses to “There comes a Time for Quotations”

  1. Jong Says:

    bet he least felt a bit emasculated

  2. aubrey Says:

    Beauty, even in grief.

  3. Shreya Ward Says:

    excellent post, very interesting! wonder what new quotes you can give!

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