Voki Madame de Pique is talking to You

September 4, 2012

Having been antagonistically said “far too occupied with relaxing”, holidays-making and putting my diary up to date after leaving immense time gaps in its composition (a bad habit of mine), I’m aware I might’ve turned my back to blogging here, which sadly and unavoidably turned poor Madame de Pique quite unpopular with “visitors”, and so, finally coming to realize it (apotheotisis!), I thought of giving the gal a voice of her own, let her speak for herself a little. Thus, within minutes of costomizing, playing with voice options, et cetera,  the Voki Madame was brought into this post. Ta-dah! the very pink Marie-Antoinette-ish figure, feather-hatted, pear jewels galore, milky white and terribly French at your service!

Now, her obvious Parisian accent might not actually get the right pronunciation of the English lines I had her say and some of you probably will meet a few problems in understanding what this shamelessly rich lady’s mumbling about, but I do feel setting her talk the Queen’s English while under the power of a clearly French name was not the most suited idea despite the intelligibility issue. You’ll never hear Elizabeth the Second expressing herself in Chinese, will you? Hence, I apologize in anticipation, the woman’s not going to change that peculiar dialect underlining her origin.She’d lose her charm.  However, just so none could complain for not getting a word of Madame’s dramatic-less soliloquy, here’s the script:

Hello, mes chéres. I’m Madame de Pique and the blog you have accessed is my collection of discoveries on eccentric historical themes, art subjects and a large variety of beautiful things. Enjoy  your visit chez moi and if you want to share some opinions or suggestions please leave a comment. Hope you will come back soon to spend some more time together!”


One Response to “Voki Madame de Pique is talking to You”

  1. She’s delightful. I would love to share a cup of tea with such a goddess.

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