Et voila! Not exactly the masterpiece an esteemed critic would accept being hanged beside  renowned masterpieces in a modern-art gallery but nevertheless a work I’m proud of since it represents surreal elements projected from my… freakish mind with a clarity and softness barely now achieved. Hope you’ll come to find it aesthetically pleasing upon gazing the above picture of a yet unfinished “Empire of the Mind” (which obviously requires extra details, improvement hither and tither, a final polishing up and my hideous signature somewhere bottom-right). I’ve a feeling it’s going to be the beginning of a prolific period in this particular domain. Or at least I hope, in which case I pray the divinity in charge would be graceful enough to gratify it.

About the actual drawing, one can easily observe Vivien Leigh’s angelic figure dominating the composition as the main and single character depicted; she’s a face I often use to start an artistic project giving my infatuation with her intriguing persona.

Here, the “Gone with the Wind” actress unluckily had her head blown up to release the surreal world within it; elements like the greedy skull swallowing the flow of her life, the winding storm near the Ferris wheel spinning little unreadable words corresponding to the 7 sins, the flying dove on the left side and a few others should enhance the expressiveness of the theme but are also ulterior adds to my main idea. Clouds of smoke link the realistic with the inner explosion of fantastic ingredients; two Gothic towers frame “Vivien”; the cracking hole in her forehead is bound to be the viewer’s point of interest.

No surprise I genuinely adored building it all, outlining form from white paper, concentrating a whole bombastic perspective in a pencil’s tip, more or less successfully; always a wonder to open your mind and make its phantasmagorias visible to the public.

So let me know how you like it (or how you don’t, why not?).

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