Art Project

June 4, 2012

As I have acquainted you with my sort of art in the former post which, thank you, has recorded quite a nice number in audience, proud little me resolved to inform you all of the most recent project undertaken , in a premiere partnership with my declared muse, Diana T., a 1-meters-tall-some-50-centimeters-wide drawn replica of Laurie Lipton‘s “Santa Muerte” (which, since I’m reticent at a possible comparison, won’t appear here, facing our petty variants).

With no further introduction, in a lugubrious atmosphere, I present you the obviously unfinished sketch depicting Mr. Death at the beginning of his highly detailed majesty:

The sympathetic skull with damaged teeth and an oddly rich hair exhibiting a volume vying the girls’ who advertise shampoos was delineated by Diana, while I chose, having a great attraction to jewels of any kind, to humbly resume at the bony crown…

…bony indeed…

The Earth is also her merit…

…and let us not forget the complicated head-piece made of terribly minute lace which shall be Diana’s dramatizing subjects for the next month (“Damned points! They’ll have my fingers bleed over them, not to mention my eyes blinding in the process of staring!”). In exchange for letting her do it, I’ll be forced to torment my poor right hand with some thousand small skeletons printed on Death’s now-not-quite-visible robe, just so you’re informed of my future martyrdom.



3 Responses to “Art Project”

  1. Liz Says:

    Gorgeous detail! It reminds me of all the Dia de Los Muertos retablos and puppets from my childhood. The crown is both frightening and regal and the sharp, bony fingers hold the soft, round Earth in a manner that leaves you breathless…a caress or a condemnation?

  2. well, I assume the original artist was inspired mainly by the Dia de Los Muertos but thank you Liz, for the compliment! about the earth, i think it has a double significance: death holds it to symbolize her control over all forms of life on the globe but which continent is depicted? none other than the american, a beautiful allusion to the birthplace of Laurie Lipton. I did plan to change it with europe but it just remained like this during the process

  3. […] the slightly eerie art project I’ve embarked upon a few months […]

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