My Own Personal Evil Queen

June 3, 2012

Well, just pardon my unpolished artistic skills and the arrogance which ultimately lead to my posting these here, but due to the whole “Snow White and the Huntsman” propaganda preceding the actual movie I have unleashed my modest charcoal +black marker on some random pieces of paper with the seen outcome of two pretty flawed drawings I just had to share…  Pride is too big a sin not to be advertised outside one’s private space. 🙂 Least in this particularity of nature I can compare with the gorgeous Evil Queen who clearly is the inspiration behind all this.  She’s, in the end, the quite sympathetic character played by beauteous Charlize Theron:  a dark seductress whom I’ve preferred to the dull heroine before “it was cool”, that is since the Disney film when I remember actually weeping after her lost pulchritude in the most quaint context, mum trying to explain how bad people are bound to perish,etc, while I only cared of her attractive shallowness. What can I say? fierce, dangerous women are my declared weakness.

So the first eccentric arrangement of marker strokes, having traits and a mimic borrowed from the muse I think I’ve previously mentioned on the sidebar, my friend Diana T., and the latter  attempt to interpret the majestic fairytale sovereign, this time almost shamelessly copying the SWATH poster, are my newest addition to the pile of unpretentious artistic creations. I’ll humbly refrain from commenting furthermore.



6 Responses to “My Own Personal Evil Queen”

  1. You are a wordsmith. I too love the evil queens. I don’t really know why. While I’m not a Disney-philemon by any stretch of the word, I did (and still do) love Malefascence. I suppose it’s for her icy beauty, hardened heart & command of those around her. Sometimes wish I had such power! Id draw the line at evil doings, but to reiterate a bad Cartoon network phrase I heard ceaselessly about five years ago, while my children bore an addiction to that channel, ‘I’d rather be “Chillin with the villains” they’re so much more INTERESTING!! Your drawings are powerful & enhance the post, in your signature colors. Great post interesting subject matter & timely indeed as we are all soon to be innundated by “Huntsman iconography soon!

  2. Susan Ozmore Says:

    I like them both, but I think the first is my favorite 🙂

  3. Life Takes Lemons Says:

    These are great! I think you’ve got the spirit of the evil queen just right. The first is my favorite: simply malicious looking perfection.

    • hmm, perhaps not “perfection” as my drawing style has yet to reach such a point, but thank you, she seems mischievous even to me! these evil queens, what more could one want form them?

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