Sometimes Logic is Non-Logic…

February 1, 2012

At least this is what I can conclude from the two hours per week of  “delightful” infusions with theories of logic judgment,  guided by master leprechaun whose gestures look as if extracted from a bad parody or  a hyperactive meerkat (yes, you read well- this is how I describe, very truthfully otherwise, my “beloved” teacher).

Today, while he was mesmerizing us with the awfully captivating categorical propositions between his girlish chuckles (a true show of comedy, actually) and ballerina pirouettes (…), I though I could post here something to prove logic, in the manner we study it, can often turn out to be veritable non-logic.

the thinker

I’ll use a little adapted variant of my homework to exemplify:

Task: obtain the contradictory of the convertion of the obvertion of the contrary of the obvertion of the phrase (sounds horrible and slightly WTF-ish, I know): ” All women were babies.” (obviously true)


“All women were babies.” is a type A proposition, universal affirmative, with “women” as subject and “babies” as predicate.

Its contradictory is a type E, universal negative: “No woman was a baby.”

Obverting this, we get a type A again, with a non-predicate: “All women were not babies.”

Converting it, the result is a type I, particular affirmative, and the former non-predicate keeps its position: “Least one person who wasn’t a baby was woman.”

Its contradictory would give a type E once more, also non-predicate: “No person who wasn’t a baby was woman.”

And now, the coup de grace, we obvert the last sentence and, voila, the repeating type A with a non-predicate: “ALL PERSONS WHO WEREN’T BABIES ARE WOMEN.”

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the procedures and couldn’t follow them properly, but notice the antagonism?


2 Responses to “Sometimes Logic is Non-Logic…”

  1. Alice Buican Says:


  2. P., you’ve outdone yourself. Sheesh, just remembered 9th grade:D

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